TAKTAK is a young and skillful team of painters, working in different styles and techniques.

Our art studio provides a wide range of services from a postcard design to an art design of building’s facades.

We make a decorative painting on almost any surfaces such as walls, ceilings, furniture and other interior items, T-shirts, bicycles, etc.

We brighten up cities with the street art and graffiti. We design building’s facades and entrances, electrical transformer booths, retaining walls. Our team also paints on asphalt, benches and other surfaces.

We draw paintings for private and public interiors.

We create illustrations for different types of print production ranging from postcards to billboards starting with a sketch design and ending with the preparation for printing.

We are located in Minsk but our artworks decorate streets and building interiors of Belarusian cities (Minsk, Brest, Vitebsk, Grodno, Volozhin, Baranovichi, Rogachev) as well as foreign cities (Moscow, Riga, Belostok, Gdansk).

We make the world around us more colorful and we are ready to share our skills with You!



interior murals and ceiling painting

furniture and interior design pieces painting

textile painting

temporary painting


facades decoration

decoration of the apartment building entrances and entrance groups

small form painting

drawings on the asphalt


creating illustrations

interior art works