The colorful illustrations are the most common and important element, allowing you to attract potential customers, as well as to create strong visual information.

Various areas of design and marketing benefit from the extensive use of illustrations. Through the medium of illustration the individual image of the company and the offered products or services become emphasized.

We provide the following services:

  • develop and create the illustrations for the web sites;
  • develop and create the illustrations for the print (package, calendars, postcards, posters, etc.)
  • develop and create the company mascots;
  • develop and create the infographics, various types of diagrams, charts, etc.

When designing we use different types of formats (vector, bitmap), as well as draw the illustrations by hand, create collages depending on your ideas and personal desires.

Examples of works:

Illustrations for the web site

Illustrations for the corporate calendar

Illustrations for the web site


Art works are one of the universal elements of decoration. They allow to form the vital atmosphere, to highlight elements of the interior, and carry out the division of functional areas in any space (house, apartment, office). Paintings also helps to create a mood of the interior.

In contrast to the art painting, the interior art works are an independent element of the decor, and while moving the apartment you can take them with you to decorate your new space.

As desired and from the perspective of our clients, we produce art works in various genres (abstraction, architectural composition, still life, landscape, etc.). Also, with our help, you can surprise your loved ones, friends or colleagues with a gift, having presented their portrait.

In the art works’ production, we use such materials such as:

  • acrylic/tempera;
  • pencil, marker;
  • aerosol;
  • computer graphics;
  • mixed media.

We will help you choose the design of your art work, as well as to define its role and place in the interior. Besides the art work can be placed in a baguette or anti-frame and equipped with different types of wall mounting.

Examples of works:


Removable panel in the playroom