Interior art

Interior murals and ceiling painting

Interior painting is gaining popularity day by day. Usual apartments, houses, and offices can be pretty unsatisfying in their visual character. Interior painting can bring bright colors into everyday lives and enliven walls, ceilings or floors.

Interior painting has a number of significant advantages over other available types of interior decoration, such as:

  • it is an excellent alternative to expensive materials for interior decoration;
  • it is way more sophisticated when compared to both regular and photo wallpaper;
  • it is an excellent visual design method to expand available space or cope with its volume, which will emphasize the decorum of  interior and securely hide possible surface defects;
  • it has uniqueness and originality, because it is created for particular interior, suiting your individual style and preferences.

Interior painting can be used not only for private, but also for public places (cafes, bars, restaurants, office spaces). Also, a company logo or brand style elements can be placed onto selected surface.

Furniture and interior design pieces painting

Design elements and unique details play a specific role in the state-of-the-art interior. These accessories can liven up any room, add exclusive flavor to the interior and convey the character and uniqueness of personal style. Furniture or other interior design pieces painting helps to highlight and give a fresh look to the familiar things. Almost any prepared surface fits for the painting.

We fulfil following artworks:

  • door and door plate painting;
  • furniture painting for any possible type of the room (children’s room, bedroom, kitchen, office, etc.);
  • individual interior design pieces painting (desk, chair, cupboard, wardrobe, fridge, lampshade, etc.).

With a furniture decoration you will be able to fill your house, apartment or office space with unique design details, liven up interior with new colors, thus saving time, effort and financial resources for home upgrade.

Temporary painting

Temporary painting is suitable for interior decoration such as walls, furniture, press walls, shop fronts, windows, doors and other items, dedicated to special events, memorable dates, ceremonies, and  to jazz up mood in everyday life.

For the temporary painting we use materials that are easily removed without leaving any stains (colored chalk markers or just usual crayons). Chalk drawings can be placed on any surface, covered with a special paint. Chalk markers are also suitable for window painting and application on any smooth surfaces. In this way you can decorate any room with special designs, that you can change whenever you wish to.

Textile painting

We can make decor on the eco bags, clothing (T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) or other cotton items.

In our work we use only high quality water resistant acrylic paints, which were developed specifically for the textiles. Acrylic paints last for a long time and don’t require additional care. Painted piece can simply be washed in the washing machine on the delicate cycle.


We are happy to help each our client to find a unique style and to use modern design and painting in decoration of their interior. We use only high-quality materials and ensure excellent and long-lasting result using all kinds of acrylic and luminous paints, aerosols, graphite, chalk, acrylic and chalk markers. Each artwork is designed and negotiated individually, necessary materials are selected depending on type of the surface, painting style, drawing character, and of course, according to customer wishes and tastes. After finishing work, painting on request may be fixed additionally with a special protective varnish to increase its durability, color retention and protection from adverse environmental effects. Such a method is particularly recommended for exterior use or for high humidity spaces.

Please contact us and we will be happy to respond to any questions regarding painting. We will surely find a perfect solution for your specific situation.