Outdoor art

Facades and fencing painting

For several years, our art studio is engaged in the decoration of facades, buildings, retaining walls, fences, transformer boxes, etc. With the help of graffiti on a wall, we are changing the face of the building or the house, giving it an appealing view, which will draw the attention of others. At the same time, unique and creative paintings hide the defects which emerge in the coat of paint (such as cracks, floating, roughness).

Working together with our customers, we develop individual concepts. Because of the high-quality materials, resistant to adverse weather conditions, which are used for facade decoration, the original painting will please a long time.

Entrance groups painting

We will help to change the gray color of the apartment building entrances and to enjoy beautiful and bright images, which provide comfort, convenience and a positive mood.

In the most houses, the apartment building entrance is at the same time the entrance to the office premises. Decoration allows your company to increase the number of customers and provides it with an original brand. The original painting can take advantage of your corporate logo, and play as a creative advertising tool.

Small forms painting

Small form painting allows you to create really wonderful objects, making them look more modern, creative, bright and colorful. Street-art improves an ordinary, boring gray bench or a lantern in such a way that they become unique targets to look at or to take photos.


In our work we use only high quality, modern and durable materials (acrylic and spray paints, varnishes designed for outdoor decoration), which allows us to achieve the desired result and to carry all colors and shades. Our team with the customers’ insights, designs original sketches that maximize effective results.